Facial Liposuction

Specific areas targeted in facial liposuction include the chin, the neck and the jowls. The procedure is usually performed with a microcannula using the “tumescent” technique, which involves fluid injected into the area to help break up the fat being suctioned out.

Because the incisions and overall surface areas for facial liposuction are so small, facial liposuction generally produces very good results with minimal scarring.

Is Anyone a Good Candidate for Facial Liposuction?

Facial LiposuctionFacial liposuction works best on people who are in generally good health and within 30 percent of their healthy body weight.

Age doesn’t necessarily matter, but what does effect the results is the skin’s elasticity. The more elastic qualities that the patient’s skin has, the better the results.

Not all people have very elastic skin, so in cases like this a face lift may also be suggested. The surgeon may suggest that liposuction should be performed followed by a face lift.

The best way to find out if facial liposuction is good for you is to consult with a qualified surgeon.

Finding a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

It is important to find a board-qualified surgeon to perform your surgery. You may in fact want to meet with several surgeons before making your decision.

Both you and the surgeon need to understand exactly what is wanted and expected out of the surgery. And any surgeon you choose should of course be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Certification means the surgeon has had speciifc training and experience with plastic surgery training and has completed at least five years of residency.

Also be sure to ask how many times they have performed facial liposuction and if they specialize in that area. Seeing before and after pictures of previous surgeries will also give you a good sense of the quality of his or her work.

Cost of Facial Liposuction

The cost of facial liposuction varies greatly depending on the surgeon and which surgery is being performed.

Factors that affect the fee are:

  • The individual surgeon’s fee
  • The facility fee
  • The anesthesia fee
  • Medications used
  • Medical tests performed

Risks of Facial Liposuction

Significant complications from facial liposuction surgery are very rare.

However, your surgeon should discuss possible complications with you including hematoma, infection, change in sensation, risk of scarring, an allergic reaction, and possibly indentations or other irregularities.

Although severe complications are extremely rare, it is good to be informed about the possibility of them. Some major complications that could arise and are life threatening could include adverse reactions to the anesthesia, cardiac arrest, and internal blood clots. Other severe complications include cardiac arrhythmia, excessive bleeding, allergic reactions, seizures, and possibly even brain damage.

Recovery From Facial Liposuction

Recovering from facial liposuction surgery is actually a fairly quick process. Patients who have undergone liposuction to the chin, neck or jowls will typically only experience some mild discomfort.

Bruising and swelling may also occur, but should go away in about 10 days. Most people who have undergone facial liposuction are able to return to their normal daily functions within one week.

While facial liposuction may be a good choice in your life, it is best to be as informed as possible about all that is involved.

When you know what to expect, you are often happier with the results.

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